Bhutan Eco-Green Initiative Network (BEGIN)

Bhutan Eco-Green Initiative Network (BEGIN) was founded by filmmaker Karma Tshering to promote Green Initiative in the country.
Bhutan has a population of about 745,153 of which the majority constitutes youth. With the help of our youth, we hope to establish BEGIN branches in all the dzongkhags in the near future. These regional BEGIN offices will be managed by the youth themselves from their respective dzongkhags.Our activities include; Cleaning campaign, Plantation of trees, Waste & pollution management, Creating Awareness on Environmental Conservation through events and Establishment of public parks in the urban cities in the near future. This initiative is dedicated to the 60th Birth Anniversary of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

We plan to take BEGIN to all parts of the country in the near future by involving the youth population in the entire country through our many environment-friendly and employment generating activities. Our target is to have 100,000 youths registered under the BEGIN program by 2020. For more details visit us at