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First Time in Bhutan, festival for “MOBILE PHONE CINEMA” is organized to open up the world of film-making to masses of amateurs. Story telling has been going on since the beginning of time. Today we have decided to promote this very important cause in a mobile digital form because mobile phone is an extremely personal tool. It is almost part of your body. It is something we always carry around and so you can roll the camera on a whim. It’s spontaneous. So, why not share your own story through your mobile phone and get rewarded and known for your creativity.

Events such as this are very beneficial to our Youth, Families, Communities and the Nation at large. The festival promotes education, art and innovation. This helps achieve Gross National Happiness as a whole.

The Mobile Phone Cinema festival has been created only for mobile phone users, where ONLY people who take movies with their mobile phones can submit them to the festival FREE.
The festival marks the advent of a new form of creative expression which is simple, basic and affordable and very convenient to use. Unlike regular films that require lots of money, people and time, the mobile phone film is an easy, cheap and one-person operation.

What’s exciting about this festival is that people can generate their own content and hence the criteria is open. The short film that should be minimum of 30 seconds and can go up to 5 minutes will be judged on the concept you deliver.
Why not share your ideas and get rewarded for your creativity hence promoting filmmaking in Bhutan at a different level. This festival may be your ticket to develop your concept in to a serious movie to enter the international festival.
Mobile Phone Cinema will be launched at Sherubtse College on 2nd May 2015 after which a period of three months will be given for you to submit your videos and will conclude with an award ceremony.
The launch day at Sherubtse will start off with an open marathon followed by exciting programs.

Think out of the box, it’s your opportunity to give life to your creative skills.


Our main goal is that anyone is able to enter our cinema festival. This is an initiative to help you get your foot in the filmmaking and media door.
The objective of this cinema festival is not only to create interest and spark creativity in people of all ages and those with limited income or resources, but also to actually inspire creative amateur filmmakers to live to their potential and realize the opportunity to fulfill their dream. One way the festival encourages entrants is by promoting the benefits of entering and winning.

As long as you are a Bhutanese, anybody; youth, housewives, senior citizens, civil servants, politicians, Lyonpos, businessmen, armed forces, monks, bureaucrats, and anybody who lives in or outside Bhutan can simply take movies with their mobile phone and submit their work to our 1st Mobile Phone Cinema Festival and win exciting prizes.
We believe that any Bhutanese who want to make a film on their mobile phone should qualify to enter the Mobile Phone Cinema festival to showcase their work regardless of income, age, connections and education.
Categories for this cinema festival are OPEN. The reason we don’t have set categories is because we realize that this is a new medium and want to give you the creativity you need to succeed.
You may also use causes as themes for your film. Hope this helps spur your imagination!
MOBILE PHONE VIDEO CAMERAS ONLY!!! No other professional or semi-professional video cameras will be allowed. However, all other production equipment; lights, dollies etc. are allowed.
Please be aware that this cinema festival is exclusive to those who use their mobile phone cameras during the production of their film. Entries and submissions are subject to disqualification if any portion of the film was not filmed using a mobile phone.
00:30 seconds to 05:00 minutes.

Any video format that your mobile phone supports.
Please enter details about your film and yourself. (refer Registration form). This registration is required for all film entries to the Mobile Phone Cinema Festival. Please make sure your information and spelling is correct.
If more than one filmmaker is entering, (such as two producers) please have each filmmaker fill out a separate form with the same film description.
Once you are done with your short mobile phone video production, you can upload it on our official Mobile Phone Cinema festival website wherein you can also obtain the registration form.
We will need your mailing address. We will not mail you stuff unless you agree. However, we need your address on file and may need to send you printed materials from time to time. We will not share or publish your address without your prior permission. We will ask first.
Nothing copyrighted may be used in your film. Even music needs to be yours or someone who has signed a deal allowing you and us to use it in your work. Try to avoid showing brands in your film, beware of brands on clothing and background areas and props. Basically, make it all your own and get very creative, which you already know you are! All the simplicity will assist you at not being sued and keeps the process simple and less-costly for you and us. We cannot guarantee, however, that someone won’t claim something you used in your film as their own. You will need to defend yourself.

Please refrain from vulgarities (offending material) in your film.
2nd May 2015 coinciding with the birth anniversary of Third Druk Gyalpo and Teacher’s day.
2nd August, 2015, 5 pm is the last date for submission of your film.
The award ceremony will take place on 23rd September, 2015 at Terma Linca resort in Thimphu
Attractive prizes will be awarded for the winners in various categories but more than that, the winners may have the opportunity to develop the concept they delivered into a serious movie to enter the international festival.
If you need help with ideas or could use suggestions, please contact us. We can take a few minutes to give you ideas and suggestions according to your lifestyle, career plans & other elements that pertain to you individually.
Don’t hesitate to call us. We are happy to assist in the success of your film for qualification in our first Mobile Phone Cinema festival.
If you are having problems sending your film or uploading it or anything, please send details with your comments so we can help you. Please attach a valid email to your comment.


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