National Music Festival

Moments at the Festival


His Excellency Finance Minister Namgay Dorji and other delegates being received in a chibdrel ceremony followed by other traditional observances. No sooner, the main event started off with exciting performances of various genres and the excitement only continued to swell.


Legendary singers whose appearance at the public was after decades didn’t fail to impress the large audience and it was a time to roll back their moments and relive it again. Similarly, the modern singers were able to blend in so well and their presence added extra essence to the festival.

National Music Festival.

Date: 18th December, 2014
(Coinciding with the National Day)

Location: Trongsa (ILCS, Taktse)

Significance of the Location
Trongsa is the seat of Choetse Poenlop and also the place of most celebrated singers in the country.

The political significance of Trongsa Poenlop in reunification and paving way towards the institution of monarchy is manifested by the act of all crown prince of Wangchuck Dynasty being conferred the title of Trongsa Peonlop/Choetse Poenlop prior to ascending the throne. Moreover, traditionally, many of the singers with good vocal are believed to have been originated from Trongsa. Hence, the Music festival will be held in remembrance of the endless support and guidance that our monarchs have showered upon the Bhutanese for over a century. The festival will showcase music of various genres to connect all generations and this will be done through the participation of traditional legendary singers to modern popular ones. While it will be a moment to relive the cherished songs in Bhutanese history, it will also be a platform to celebrate the modern popular songs that too at the most celebrated place of singers in the country.
1) To provide a platform for the legendary singers whose contribution has benefitted the country to preserve the age old traditional music and songs.
2) To connect the generational preference, modern popular singers in the country will also partake and this will feature some of the singers who are the viewer’s choice.


Purpose of Music Festival
1) Recognition of the prevalence of different genres of songs.
2) To provide platform for those singers whose recognition so far has not been adequate

Popular legendary singers in the country.