Peling Tshechu.

Date: March 29-31, 2015
Coinciding with the Birth Anniversary of Kuenkhen Longchen Rabjam, the earlier incarnation of Tertoen Pema Lingpa

Location: Wangdichoeling Palace, Bumthang
(Seat of the 1st & 2nd King)

Pema Lingpa was one among the five great tertoens prophesied by Guru Rinpoche and he is by far the greatest tertoen to have been born and made discoveries in Bhutan. Moreover, the Dungkar Chhoeje, from where the ancestor of our Monarchs emerged were the foremost families of religious nobility descending from Pema Lingpa. Following the incident at Mebartsho in Bumthang, his fame as a Tertoen began to spread and he started initiating and teaching from the texts he had discovered to the local inhabitants. Besides these, he also composed many sacred dances which are particularly known as Peling Terchham (Treasure Dances of Pema Lingpa) and these are still performed throughout the country during the annual Tshechus. Chams are of great significance for the Bhutanese as it is believed to have strong correlation to longevity and good health. Hence, the commemoration of the 60th Birth Anniversary of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo will be marked by various Pema Lingpa’s cham for His Majesty’s longevity and good health.


Project description
The event is scheduled for 3 days (March 29 to 31, 2015). The three days festival will entirely be depicting the sacred dances of Pema Lingpa. Because Pema Lingpa was an important religious personality born in Bumthang and also the fact that Bumthang is the seat for both the 1st and the 2nd King, all in all it perfectly go with our setting to hold Peling Tshechu in Wangduecholing Palace in Bumthang. The event will portray selected sacred chams from various Peling festivals and for the very first time, this unique festival will showcase Peling Cham traditions from all parts of Bhutan, a never seen before event. By doing so, the dancers will get to share their experiences and promote unity among them through the medium of Cham.


Name List of Pema Lingpa Tshechus:
1.Tamzhing Phakloi Choethpa
2.Nyimalung Trenda
3.Prakar Tshechu

4.Yungdrung Choeling Drup
5.Korphu Drup

6.Gangteng Goenpa Tshechu

7.Drametse Tshechu
8.Tsakaling Tshechu
9.Yagang Tshechu

10.Wangzhing Lhakhang Tshechu

Pema Gatshel
11.Dungkar Ugyen Choling Gonpa Tshechu

12.Dochula Druk Wangyel Tshechu

Since the government is declaring 2015 as ‘Visit Bhutan Year’ the event is advertised through TCB’s calendar to promote tourism in the region.

DAY1 29th March 2015

Sl.# Name of cham Region/Dzongkhag
1. Peling Phagcham (lay people) Tamzahing, Bumthang
2. Peling Chaktshel Korphu,Trongsa
3. The Farewell of Heroes Dochula Druk Wangyel Tshechu, Thimphu
4. Cha-Gyeng Cham Wangzhing Goenpa, Lhuentse
5. Combat of the Heroes Dochula Druk Wangyel Tshechu, Thimphu
6. Pema Lingpa Cham Dungkar Choeling, Pema Gatsel
7. Return of the Heroes Dochula Druk Wangyel Tsechu, Thimphu

DAY2 30th March 2015

Sl.# Name of cham Region/Dzongkhag
1. Peling Shinjey Korphu, Trongsa
2. Chamchen (monk) Tamshing, Bumthang
3. Peling Pa-cham Gangtey Goenpa, Wangdue
4. Tsholing cham Nyimalung, Bumthang
5. Drung cham/Brum cham Prakar, Bumthang
6. Peling Shazam Yungdrung Choeling, Trongsa
7. Rigma Chudrugmamai cham Tsakaling Mongar

DAY3 31st March 2015

Sl.# Name of cham Region/Dzongkhag
1. Peling Phagcham Yagang, Mongar
2. Dramitse Ngacham Dramitse, Mongar
3. Peling Juging Gangtey Goenpa, Wangdue
4. Peling Driging Gangtey Goenpa, Wangdue
5. Peling Ngaging (monk) Tamzhing, Bumthang
6. Guru Tshengey Nyimalung, Bumthang

The three day tshechu will conclude with the blessings by 2933 years old man (part of Guru Tshengey cham) wishing His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo to live 111 years.