Live Textile Exhibition

Glimpse from Textile Exhibition, Lhuentse


Glimpse from Textile Exhibition, Lhuentse

Highlights from the Event


Winners for the event along with PICSA team.

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Among the 73 weavers, Sonam Yangzom, a nine year old weaver from Pangkhar Village in Lhuentse was the youngest weaver at the event. She had started weaving at the age of four. Stereotypically, weaving is considered as a feminine task but Thukten Loday from Minje geog under Lhuentse Dzongkhag had adopted weaving ever since he was a child. It is to this day his source of income.



Date:14th-15th Nov. 2014

Exhibition :2 days


Sl.No Kira Category
1. Best Kushuthara
2. Best Hor
3. Best Pesar
Sl.No Gho Category
1. Best Shinglochem
2. Best Hor
3. Best Pesar
Sl.No Innovative Design
1. Best Innovative Design


Partner Agencies

RGoB, MoH&CA, Lhuentse Dzongkhag


Significance of the Location

Lhuentse is the birth place of the Wangchuck Dynasty and also the birth place of Kishu Thara, Bhutan’s most renowned textile.


Bhutan’s age old traditional textiles that is highly intricate hand woven has been passed on to many generations of home based women artisans of Bhutan. However,these textiles had not been sold to the international market. With the start of Royal Textile Academy (RTA), finally the home based weavers are now getting an opportunity to make their products sell-able through RTA’s core competency in developing and producing an exclusive and high-end, authentic range of products that resonate with the image of Bhutan.



1) To promote the welfare of the home based workers and their skills, and help them sell their products through the two days exhibition, thereby ensuring sustained and secured livelihoods of the weavers.

2) To provide a platform for the local weavers to sell their products without having to undergo middleman channel, thereby uplifting the economic opportunity of the home based workers in Lhuentse, birth place of Kishu Thara.


 Purpose of Textile show

1) Seminar on weaving for transfer of knowledge and collaboration opportunities.

2) Live exhibition for the visitors (tourist and locals)

3) Empowering women through textile

4) Enhance economic growth of the region



Weavers from Lhuentse and other parts of Bhutan



The event will be advertised through TCB’s calender to promote tourism in the region and help sell local products.